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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a burial shroud?

A shroud is traditionally a cloth cover that wraps or protects an item, and so the role of a burial shroud is to blanket, conceal and protect your loved one as they travel through the final ceremony.

What do I do with a burial shroud?

You can place it over your loved one directly, or over their coffin. It can journey with them as they pass through cremation or burial, or alternatively you can keep it as a memento of their final ritual. Some shrouds can cover the face of your loved one, many of mine don’t but if that is something you would like, I can provide one.

Who is it for?

You, if you like. Your loved ones, or your pets. The first shroud I made was my own and it hangs above my work table. I find its gentle presence over my work hugely comforting and it reminds me that all things are ephemeral and that even in a dense current of change, there can still be moments of beauty and peace.

What are they made from?

All products are hand made from new and old fabrics. They are made from silk, linen, cotton, lace and rayon. I find the fabrics everywhere! Markets, wholesalers, and antique stores. I use the finest silk thread from Germany and each shroud is cut and stitched by hand which is an ancient practice. Please take care when unwrapping and draping them as they are very fragile.If you have fabric that you would like to incorporate into a shroud let me know and we can collaborate on a beautiful piece together.