About the maker:

Ella Baxter has studied death rituals, funerary rights, and ancient ceremonies extensively over the last decade. Her interest in honouring the transition between life and death has ultimately led her to create Lumi, meaning: light of life.

Ella has been immersed in the practice of ritual through her experience as a yoga teacher, as well as running workshops on the art of altar making, meditation, and the need to create sacred spaces for ritual and ceremony.

About the product:

Lumi caters to every being whether it’s a shroud for a loved one, an animal companion, or yourself. The burial shrouds are made from material sourced from all over the globe including Japan, France and England. Antique, vintage, and new fabrics are repurposed, with specific attention placed on highlighting the imperfections of the fabric.

Marks, small tears, and fading are all celebrated in these products as they are considered symbols of the rich tapestry of life.

Lumi endeavours to provide a unique aesthetic and an experimental approach to design by providing a hand made product that can help honour and celebrate an emotional transition.

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